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VR4Health project aims to transform nursing and medicine learning- teaching through digitalization of medical contents. It starts with the aim to solve the difficulty to learn human anatomy.

We have developed several anatomic human models: heart, ear, eye, digestive, genitourinary, skeletal and vascular system. Each model can be visualized in 3D through virtual reality systems and a tracking system.

The project has been developed in a multidisciplinary way with the collaboration of University Polytechnic of Catalonia (ViRVIG Group). It has duration of three years (2015-2018) but we made a previous test with a group of students in 2014-15.

We have made local, national and international dissemination of the tool: Healthio, Barcelona 2017I eHealth Congress of Caribbean, Santo - Domingo 2017The Hive- Sanofi, Barcelona 2017; and Women’s Forum for economy and society, Paris 2017.

We have made international dissemination of the results of the study and we have evaluated the social impact. We have written a paper to present the main results of VR4Health and we have evaluated its social impact.

Next research linked to VR4Health

  • Patient experience using VR4Health. A qualitative research.

If you want to participate in the project as a student, patient or institution, please contact to Esther Insa (einsa@santjoandedeu.edu.es)

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